Science, Technology, Engineering, Math S T E M !

For 3rd & 4th graders in March with Mrs. Chant

Many of you will have jobs that are not even created YET!

The bottom line is that there’s no way to prepare students for specific careers when we can’t even fathom what those might be. Even now, nearly half of what students learn in their first year of technical school is outdated by the time they graduate. Instead, the key to molding job-ready graduates is to teach students how to live — and learn — at the intersections.

“The most important skill is a meta-skill: the ability to adapt to changes,” says Calton Pu, professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. “As the rate of technological innovation intensifies, the workforce of the future will need to adapt to new technology and new markets. The people who can adapt the best will win”

What is Going Well at CES?

Paul Yelle and Eve Bagley are working with YLTA to offer 7th and 8th graders activities such as hiking & backpacking.

Thank you! What a great program!

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