Growth: Every person, everyday, some way

Kindergarten 2021:

If you are a resident of Campton and have a child that will be 5 y/o by September 30, 2021 please call to register your child 726-3931

Congratulations to our eighth grade Calendar Raffle Winners:

May 1 - Tiffany C.

May 2 - Anna W.

May 3 - Pamela B.

May 4 - Tiffany C.

May 5 - Avery H.

May 6 - Shawn Demers

May 7 - Ana Aurellia

May 8 - Jeanne Desmond

May 9 - Michele Land

Bonus Winner 5/9/21 - Pam Read

May 10 - Michelle Tschinkel

May Newsletter Issue 15.pdf

Orders are due by Friday, May 21st

The TSA students shot off their dragsters! This officially concludes TSA and they are looking forward to next year. Thanks to Holderness Central School for lending us their dragster launcher and Ron Reynold for his support from a distance.


Thank you to TJ Maxx for their donation of masks!

Thank You Mrs. Cathy for all your hard work! We appreciate you! (There's a smile under that mask!!!)

Who? Everyone

What? Free Food For All

When? Every Saturday from 11-2

Where? The Restoration Church in Plymouth (across from BK)



Fisher Cats Reading Challenge April 1-May 11!

Just read 5 books and fill out this form.